Essenziale, acquisition award


With the project nctm e l’arte, Nctm Studio Legale has been active since 2011 in the world of the visual arts.

As a result of the unprecedented situation experienced since February 2020, nctm e l’arte aims to address Italian artists or artists residing in Italy through an open call for an acquisition award relating to projects completed in the past period or in the process of being completed.

The call aims at projects focusing on themes that have proved to be crucial in this period.

Our experience, with isolation, the suspension of so many activities and of the usual geographical horizons, provided an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of time, the meaning of work, the relationship between science and democracy, limit in its various meanings, fragility, existential uncertainty, the absolute importance of relationships, sensory and physical experience.

The works selected through this call will become part of the collection of nctm e l’arte.

The Committee in charge of evaluating the projects will be comprised of: Gabi Scardi, artistic director of nctm e l’arte; Adrian Paci, artist; Matteo Lucchetti, curator of Visible project (Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto/Fondazione Zegna) and independent curator. The Comitato Arte Next Generation Nctm will take part in the assessment.

Apply by no later than on 30 July 2021, sending an email with economic request.
Here, for further information on the requirements and conditions for accessing the call.