Alice Benessia, Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna, webinar

This time artists Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna will talk with Alice Benessia, a physicist, epistemologist and visual artist

The meeting takes its cue from the experience of the Pianpicollo Selvatico Centre for Research, created in the place of the same name by Alice Benessia with the involvement of a vast number of personalities of the cultural world, including, in particular, the artistic duo Caretto and Spagna.

Pianpicollo Selvatico is a village in Alta Langa. Here Benessia has initiated artistic, scientific and philosophical activities with a view to experimenting new possibilities of relationship between living beings and the environment. The entire project is based on a practice of regeneration that involves daily care and affects every aspect of the ecosystem, from soil to plants to local materials  and, especially, the many animals that Pianpicollo hosts: domestic farm animals, subtracted from their usual function for the sake of vital synergy and co-citizenship.

Transforming one’s relationship with the environment and with other living beings by replacing the usual control dynamics with a creative and dialogic attitude – Benessia and Caretto-Spagna argue – is not only a way to oppose the destructive processes that are undermining the world, but also triggers a process of mutual transformation that favours our own and others’ wellbeing.