Marco Maria Zanin in dialogue with Leonardo Caffo, talk

We will see Marco Maria Zanin, artist, dialoguing with Leonardo Caffo, philosopher, writer and curator

Zanin’s poetics, which focuses on the submerged matrices of modern behavior, consists of a reinterpretation, through the prism of art, of the relationship between man, territory and time, and has as its point of reference the horizon linked to the territory and popular traditions, with their substratum of myths and archetypes. Zanin’s research is thus nourished by a focus on the anthropological aspects of reality: his works are often made from found or recycled materials.

The artist’s gaze is sharpened through the practice of dislocation: by traveling, Zanin enacts a not-only-physical “displacement”, achieving that critical distance that allows him to autonomously analyse social contexts, including from a global perspective.