Filipa Cesar

The Portuguese artist’s work focuses on the effects of colonial and post-colonial politics.

Starting from the current political and social context of Guinea-Bissau, César has conducted extensive work on the theme of living in modernity. The result was the film A Hut, presented with the support of nctm e l’arte at Fondazione Cini in Venice as part of the exhibition Ilha de São Jorge at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition. During the making of A Hut, César shot the photograph Tree: a tree falling down creates a “habitable” space, which is immediately used as a shelter by some animals. A minimal space, which naturally welcomes and protects; the essence of the concept of home. The work expresses, in an extremely synthetic form, a notion of dwelling as the expression of the fundamental needs of every living being.

With the work Embassy, Filipa Cèsar analyses the link and the historical and linguistic heritage of countries still strongly conditioned by history.

As part of an overall thought linked to post-colonial issues, the artist focuses on the Portuguese-speaking African states.

By extension, her work deals with modernity and the way it can be conceived, developed, absorbed and rejected in different contexts.

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  • 11 March 2020