Adrian Paci, talk

Art, justice and adjustment practices

nctm e l’arte presents a talk by Adrian Paci on the theme of rights.

For Paci, making art is an active way of confronting the contemporary world and making tangible the reflections on sensitive topics such as social justice, dignity, and the concept of “migraticità” understood both in current terms and in an existential sense. But it is also an ever-living relationship with one’s own artistic language.

Indeed, confronted with contents that demand a possibility of expression, the artist’s gesture involves a constant redefinition of the materials and forms of the work.

Paci dedicates the meeting to the meaning of that tension, broadening the field of reflection beyond his own work; his talk will start from certain references to themes such as theatre – in particular Jouvet and his Elvira – and philosophical thought; then he will analyze the way in which this process of adjustment takes shape in the work of some artists, each of whom has a different way of understanding his own role and of problematizing the issue of language.

Adrian Paci with Gabi Scardi, during the talk
Adrian Paci with Gabi Scardi, during the talk