Zineb Sedira, talk

nctm e l’arte presents the talk of Zineb Sedira on the occasion of the recent acquisition of her work The Lovers

Zineb Sedira was born in France to Algerian parents in 1963. She grew up in Paris, then moved to London, where she trained as an artist. Since her early works, videos and installations, she has shown a strong interest in  postcolonial issues, the notions of origin and memory and diasporic experience.

The series of photographs and lightboxes Shipwreck: The Death of a Journey, including three images entitled The Lovers, was shot in 2008 in Mauritania, on a portion of the coast that was one of the most important shipyards in West Africa and today is one of the few places in the world where old cargo ships are left abandoned without being dismantled.

Her works have been exhibited in major museums and in some of the most important contemporary art exhibitions in the world.

Zineb Sedira, The Lovers, 2008, photo by Mario Tedeschi, installation view
Zineb Sedira with Gabi Scardi, during the talk