Adelina Von Fustenberg, talk

Art as Instrument of Awarness

Adelina von Furstenberg. Founder of the Geneva Contemporary Art Center and historical director of the Magasin, the Grenoble Center of Contemporary Art, Adelina is an indispensable piece in the contemporary art universe.

The result of her varied and eclectic experience is ART for The World, the NGO she founded in the fall of 1995, inspired by Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which proclaims the essential value of creative activity for the well-being of Man and the need for respect for diversity and pluralism in any form of creative expression.

“ART for The World” is an itinerant museum, without walls. Its activity is not linked to a permanent and well-defined space, but to the sense of the initiatives it promotes: a common thread that unites the diffusion of art with the defence of universal rights and values, a characteristic that makes it stand out on the international scene as a unique experience.