Elena Mazzi, talk

Starting from her works, Elena Mazzi will have a conversation with curator Marta Ferretti, exploring the poetics, topics and key aspects of her work

The artist will talk about the processes of ideation, interaction and completion implemented as part of her projects. The value of art residencies as part of the growth and establishment of today’s artists will be a topic of discussion too.

Elena Mazzi’s work tends to focus on the observation between man and his context and on the experience that flows from it. In particular, she is interested in what she herself calls “daily memory”: an emotional memory, made up of simple gestures that are part of each of us and that can be enhanced by collective acts.

In many cases Mazzi focuses on specific places and the emotional and relational aspects of their inhabitants. The first approach often consists of an invitation from the artist to tell and to let herself be portrayed. In doing so, however, Mazzi brings new components into play, creating situations that are different each time. Ordinariness thus leaves room for an unprecedented vision of the place. This modality has been variously declined by Mazzi, allowing her to work in different fields and to create works that have taken the form of videos, drawings, photographs, performances and installations.

Elena Mazzi with Marta Ferretti and Gabi Scardi, during the talk