Art Week, Driant Zaneli, exhibition

Swirling Around One and Other by Driant Zaneli at Nctm Studio Legale

On the occasion of the Art Week, nctm e l’arte invites Driant Zaneli to exhibit Swirling Around One and Other: a group of recent works including videos, photographs and drawings, including unreleased work Who was the last to have seen the horizon? realized with the support of nctm e l’arte.

Driant Zeneli’s work concerns the desire for “elsewhere” and “otherwise”, namely, for an infinite and boundless space without boundaries, where no ambition is precluded and no task is impossible.

Prompted by his gaze upwards, Zeneli explores the sky through trial and error, setting himself impossible targets and pursuing them by planning incredible and paradoxical feats, which are doomed to failure but anything but toothless. With a visionary force and not without irony, its work expresses the subversive character of desire, dream as a fundamental dimension in that it helps us defocus our gaze, and a reaction against the logic of necessity, functionality and consumption.

Zeneli interweaves personal experience with collective history, and myth with history, politics, transformation, utopia and dystopia, rethinking the idea of the true, the false, challenge and failure in tune with his own vision.

Driant Zeneli, Who was the last to have seen the horizon, 2018, video full HD, 6’15”