Alessandra Donati, talk

Alessandra Donati will present her book Law & Art: Diritto Civile e Arte Contemporanea, in the context of nctm e l’arte

Alessandra Donati examines the relationship between law and art, analysing how, today, a jurist expert in contemporary art can find the inadequacy of the legal categories created and acknowledged by the law to regulate the art world.

These are, indeed, classical categories, such as those of uniqueness and originality of a work, suggested by an art that is in turn classical and centred on the figure of the artist-subject and his/her product-object, the work.

When observing the transformation of the modes of expression of contemporary art – conceptual, ephemeral, hybrid –, however, the delay of law is evident. The reflection is therefore dedicated to the limits posed by private copyright, property, contract and evidence law, to the possibility of recognising as valid and effective the circulation and protection of such ephemeral and ever-evolving works. Such limits vary in national legislations and clearly reveal some basic nonconformities and differences between civil-law and common-law systems.