Art Week, Elena Mazzi, performance

nctm e l’arte presents Elena Mazzi with the performance Financial Singing and the works related to the projects The Financial Singing and A Fragmented World

During the Milan Art Week, Elena Mazzi will present her works at Nctm Studio Legale’s premises and on 1 April, on the occasion of the firm’s special opening, she will stage the performance The Financial Singing.

Among the works that will be on display is the video-installation A Fragmented World, which will remain at Nctm. The work, made in collaboration with Sara Tirelli, is inspired by the “fracture theory” developed by the theoretical physicist Bruno Giorgini, and investigates the permanent process of destruction/construction of nature and the consequent human perception of such experience. Part of the project are also the series Fracture, photoengraving prints made with lava dust, and the related photographic studies.

In the performance The Financial Singing, an opera singer recites and sings a  graphic representing trends in Western capitalist economy, reflecting the social and emotional impact of the economic crises that marked the course of the Twentieth Century. The work takes shape following the reading of the book How nature works by Danish physicist Per Bak, where he defines strategies to analyse crises and catastrophes  from a human and natural point of view, finding common affinities.

Elena Mazzi, The Financial Singing, performance
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Elena Mazzi, The Financial Singing
Elena Mazzi, The Financial Singing, performance