Luca Santiago Mora and Guenda Bernegger, webinar

The series of talks dedicated to the topic of healthcare and the right to individual and collective health as well as to the search for well-being as a daily and positive way of life is going on

The second talk will see Luca Santiago Mora, founder of Atelier dell’Errore, in conversation with Guenda Bernegger, editor-in-chief of the Rivista per le Medical Humanities.

The discussion will arise from the intertwining of the experiences and activities of the two guests, who are distinguished by their attention to the other and to sharing.

Luca Santiago Mora in 2002 founded Atelier dell’Errore a Visual Arts laboratory for the Child Neuropsychiatry department. Atelier dell’Errore has over the years evolved with hubs of activity in Reggio Emilia and Bergamo. Since 2015, AdE is hosted as a work in progress within the Collezione Maramotti in Reggio Emilia.

Its activities are focused on fragile children and young people and the desire to redeem their poetic potential through expression, sharing and especially drawing. Drawing has as its protagonists imaginary and fantastic animals, sometimes with a ferocious appearance, which are however a form of projection and protection of their creators.

The activity that Santiago Mora carries out with the laboratory participants goes beyond an effective accompaniment to clinical care activity to become a true artwork-relationship.

At the same time, it is from the awareness of the importance of the concept of relationship and sharing – of thoughts, stories, projects – that Guenda Bernegger’s work is developed.
With a background in philosophy, psychology and history, Bernegger, who teaches ethics at the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland and is editor-in-chief of the Rivista per le Medical Humanities, has decided to put the humanities at the service of health care-related disciplines, with a focus on the fields of ethics, aesthetics, narration, Medical Humanities and participatory action research.