Uriel Orlow, Whishing Trees, Manifesta 12th, Palermo

Nctm Studio Legale contributes to the 12th edition of Manifesta, supporting artist Uriel Orlow in the realisation of his great project Wishing Trees.

The work is linked to a research that the artist has been carrying on for years, on Botany as a system of knowledge and detector of historical, socio-political and post-colonial dynamics.

On the occasion of the Palermo edition of Manifesta, Orlow presents an extensive video-installation that starts from the presence, in Sicily, of three trees that hold memories of events of significant characters. By linking human events and nature, the artist gives sensitive form to contemporary stories of conflict, migration and anti-mafia activism.

The installation interweaves the narratives of the current protagonists in Sicily with the hopes and desires that the trees still represent.

In particular, the new project concerns three trees that are dedicated to three persons or events: a cypress tree whose presence is linked to the figure of St. Benedict, patron saint of Palermo and first Afro-descendant saint of the Catholic Church; the olive tree of the Armistice, near which the armistice of the Second World War was signed; the tree of Giovanni Falcone, a ficus in front of the magistrate’s house

After conducting a series of historical research, Orlow has developed a multi-faceted work consisting of videos, photographs and sound installations.

Manifesta 12, Palermo
June 16th – November 4th 2018
Whishing Trees

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  • 22 April 2018