Paola Di Bello

As a photographer, Paola Di Bello focuses on taking picture as an act, as the ability of the human eye to read and capture the context. It mostly consists of recording daily events, sometimes deliberately sought or fashioned, at times randomly detected. After all chance can be grasped only by the attentive eye and mind. Driven by a curious spirit, the artist questions herself about things and their potential to be truly known. She explores the substance of vision, its very essence, but she also probes perception, what we see and how we see it, and what we do not see. She wonders why we grasp but some elements of things and not their variables, and why other things slip past us or we stop to gaze upon them though they still may be a source of surprise. Her goal is mainly focused on the relation between human life and the city.

The estranging element that reverberates in many of her images corresponds to an angle that tirelessly changes position, recomposes the image and questions the univocal nature and prearranged take on things, the automaticity of thought and the uniqueness of moments.

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  • 11 March 2020
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