Yael Bartana

Nationalism, war, struggle for identity, but also the ability to disagree and the discrepancy between an artificially constructed imagery and a dystopian reality, are the central themes of the Israeli artist Yael Bartana, whose work has always highlighted the tendency of human being to bring complex rituals into play.

Many of her works refer to the reality of her country. It is from here that Bartana draws metaphors that can help in the understanding of the ideological and political dynamics underlying all individual and collective behaviors. In said works the artist explores different situations and characteristics of today’s society, bringing out the experience, feeling, load of memory and complex modalities involved in the construction of national identity.

Using videos, photographs and installations, Bartana encourages a reflection on the deep contradictions of a reality that is not easy to question inasmuch as it is conditioned by ever-present tensions.

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  • 9 April 2020
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