Camilla Alberti

Unbinding Creatures. Organismo 12 by Camilla Alberti (Milan, 1994) is a sculpture developing from a wooden base where an aluminium and steel structure covered with plaster bandages has been grafted, which incorporates elements of different materials such as small industrial waste pieces, iron, shells or anthropic elements manipulated by the sea, fragments of Murano glass.

In her work, through sculpture, painting, industrial embroidery and installation, Camilla Alberti tends to reflect on the relationship between sensitive forms and the potentials inherent in hybridisation and in inter-species collaboration. In particular, her research focuses on the need to identify new possible models of coexistence. Each of her works is a micro-world based on the relationship between different forms and objects.

Her interest is directed to discarded or abandoned materials, whether organic or industrial. Fragments of whatever she finds in the most diverse places, as part of her frequent wanderings: itineraries across rural areas or becoming somehow “urban archaeology”.

Hence her works look like organic forms inspired by the complexity of ecosystems; hybrid assemblages, expressing the idea of the interrelationship between animate and inanimate elements that surround us. Her research aims to define the paradigm of a renewed relationship between man and nature. Each of her works stems from an imaginary world ready to welcome new narratives and multi-species mythologies.

Unbinding Creatures. Organism 12 is inspired by the imagery of monsters (D. Haraway, 1992; A. Tsing, H. Swanson, E. Gan, 2017). For Alberti, the sculptural organisms of the Unbinding Creatures series are spaces and bodies at the same time, “inhabited inhabitants”, hybrid creatures that rethink the very identity of a living being as a complex core made up of relationships between different identity fragments. They are new ways of telling the world.

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  • 30 August 2022