nctm e l'arte: Artists-in-Residence, XIII edition Scholarships awarded to Francesco Bertocco, Simona Da Pozzo, Giuseppe De Mattia, Marco Ferrari and Cristina Gallizioli

The evaluation committee of nctm e l’arte: Artists-in-residence met last 5 December and identified Francesco Bertocco, Simona Da Pozzo, Giuseppe De Mattia, Marco Ferrari and Cristina Gallizioli as the winner of the XIII edition’s scholarship. Said decision was endorsed by the Art Committee of Nctm Studio Legale.

nctm e l’arte: Artists-in-residence is a bi-annual scholarship programme reserved for visual artists residing in Italy, who have already been admitted to artists-in-residence programs, based outside Italy, and who are internationally recognised by the art world. Award criteria are focused on the artistic profile, the relevance of previously-developed projects, training opportunities offered by the awarded city of residency and the quality of the projects submitted.

The evaluation committee includes Gabi Scardi, the artistic director of nctm e l’arte, as a permanent member and, from time to time, some of the foremost contemporary art critics of the Italian art landscape, in addition to one or more artists who were awarded the scholarship in previous editions. In the context of the XIII edition of nctm e l’arte: Artists-in-residence, the committee responsible for evaluating the projects submitted included, inter alia, art critic and curator Pietro Gaglianò and artists Mirko Canesi, Alessandro Laita and Chiaralice Rizzi.

The scholarship scheme was introduced in the context of nctm e l’arte, the project of Nctm Studio Legale dedicated to contemporary art. Born in 2011, nctm e l’arte involves supporting artistic projects, cooperating with the Italian cultural institutions concerned and creating a collection.

The XIII-edition’s scholarship of nctm e l’arte: Artists-in-residence was awarded to the following artists:

Francesco Bertocco (Casorate Primo, 1983)
The evaluation committee awarded him the scholarship for residency at MAC – Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile (Santiago de Chile).
Bertocco’s work stands out for the high quality of his formal and technical choices and aesthetic autonomy; characteristics that place him among the best names in Italian film production.
The artist is currently working on a video, set in Chile, which investigates a specific area of local culture, namely the comparison between traditional and official medicine. Through this research the artist brings out salient traits of the recent history of the country.
Hence, the residency at the MAC in Santiago de Chile will not only be a relevant experience, but also an important step towards the completion of the current project.

Simona Da Pozzo (Caracas, 1977)
The evaluation committee awarded her the scholarship for residency at Residency … at the Waterfront (Rotterdam).
Simona Da Pozzo has been working for some time on a sensitive analysis of the aesthetics of monuments, considered as meaningful indicators with respect to the contexts and situations in which they are found.
The project, articulated in several stages, stands out for its prolonged commitment over time, as well as for its relevance in terms of meaning and language.
The future move to Rotterdam, for which the artist has asked for support, is part of this project.

Giuseppe De Mattia (Bari, 1980)
The evaluation committee awarded Giuseppe De Mattia the scholarship for residency at MUPA – Museu Paranaense (São Francisco, Curitiba-PR).
Giuseppe De Mattia’s work on the image of objects is outside the most common canons of photography, making him a refined and original interpreter of his generation in Italy.
The project consists in the creation of a gallery dedicated to insufficiently recognized artists. With this project the artist, besides presenting himself, is also reflecting upon art and the mechanisms of the art system.
The residency at MUPA triggers a process of valorisation of his work and the broadening of linguistic and formal concepts.

Marco Ferrari e Cristina Gallizioli (Trento, 1991; Urbino, 1991)
The evaluation committee awarded them the scholarship for residency at Oficinas do Convento (Montemor-o-Novo).
The Gallizioli – Ferrari duo was selected on the basis of the imaginative quality of their project focused on a specific territory, correctly structured and yet open to unforeseen outcomes.
Through the performative act, the artists intend to reflect upon the concept of living in relation to the landscape in order to regain an intimate connection with natural space.
The young age and professionalism of the duo were further elements that weighted in their favour.

Previous editions
The curators involved in the previous editions of nctm e l’arte: Artists-in-residence include Viafarini, Katia Anguelova, Antonio Grulli, Caterina Riva, Martina Angelotti, Valerio Del Baglivo, Rossella Moratto.

  • I editionRiccardo Giacconi, la Facultad de Artes de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotà; Gruppo Lu Cafausu, Combine Studios, Phoenix.
  • II edition: Leone Contini, Tirana Art Lab – Centre for Contemporary Art; Sabina Grasso, Chiang Mai, Thailandia; Curandi Katz, Center for Book Arts, New York.
  • III editionValentina Vetturi,, Bucarest; Maria Domenica Rapicavoli, ISCP, New York; Pietro Spoto, Matadero Madrid.
  • IV editionGiovanni Giaretta, De Atelier, Amsterdam; Nicola Angiuli, Tirana Art Lab- Center for Contemporary; Salvatore Arancio, SOMA, Città del Messico; Alessandra Messali, ACT, MIT program in art, culture and technology, Cambridge.
  • V edition: Margherita Moscardini, National Art Studio, MMCA, Seoul.
  • VI edition: Giacomo Raffaelli, Atelier Hotel Pro Forma, Conpenhagen; Anna Franceschini, Istituti Inclusartiz, Rio de Janeiro; Francesco Bertelé, Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Islanda.
  • VII editionJacopo Miliani, David Roberts Art Foundation, Londra; The Cool Couple, Nirox Foundation Trust, Sud Africa; Elena Mazzi, HIAP, Helsinki.
  • VIII editionPaola Anziché, Kiosko, Santa Cruz; Luca Coclite, Experimental Intermedia, New York; Federico Del Vecchio, Banff Centre, Canada.
  • IX edition: Ettore Favini, Atla(s)now, Marrakech; Ludovica Carbotta, Jan Van Eyck Academy Program, Maastricht; Rachele Maistrello, I: project space, Beijing.
  • X edition: Elisa Caldana, Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo; Franco Ariaudo, BIRUCHIY Contemporary Art Project, Kyiv, Ucraina; Fabrizio Bellomo, KCB-The Cultural Center of Belgrade.
  • XI edition: Juan Sandoval, Four Corners, Londra; Alessandro Quaranta, CAIRN Centre d’Art, Digne-les-Bains.
  • XII editionElena Bellantoni, Beo_Project, Belgrado; Mirko Canesi, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow; Alessandro Laita e Chiaralice Rizzi, Art House, Scutari.