nctm e l’arte: Artists-in-Residence

Nctm Studio Legale has launched a project dedicated to contemporary art, nctm e l’arte, which aims at placing itself as an independent venture  to support artistic creations.

Moved by the desire to fit with meaningful selections into a contemporary cultural debate of international appeal, in 2012 nctm e l’arte decided to set up a scholarship scheme in order to support the mobility of Italian artists, nctm e l’arte: Artist-in-residence. The purpose of this initiative is to promote the education of artists residing in Italy giving them the opportunity to experience innovative situations, acquire new skills and develop new capabilities, taking advantage of the possibilities of integration in the world of international contemporary art.

The scholarship, issued every six months, is dedicated to visual artists residing in Italy, who intend to take part, for training purposes, in an internationally-acknowledged selected ‘in residence’ program, based outside Italy. The scholarship recipients will be selected according to reliability criteria based on artistic profile, projects, and  host institution. For each edition, an ad hoc Committee will be set up to evaluate the documents and material received.

The Committee will comprise the manager of nctm project e l’arte project, Gabi Scardi, a curator that will be identified from time to time amongst the most attentive figures on the Italian art scene and one or more artists who have been awarded the scholarship in previous editions. The decision will be ratified by the members of the Art Committee of Nctm Studio Legale.

I edition (2012): Riccardo Giacconi, la Facultad de Artes de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotà; Gruppo Lu Cafausu, Combine Studios, Phoenix.

II edition (2012): Leone Contini, Tirana Art Lab – Centre for Contemporary Art; Sabina Grasso, Chiang Mai, Thailandia; Curandi Katz, Center for Book Arts, New York.

III edition (2013): Valentina Vetturi,, Bucarest; Maria Domenica Rapicavoli, ISCP, New York; Pietro Spoto, Matadero Madrid.

IV edition (2013): Giovanni Giaretta, De Atelier, Amsterdam; Nicola Angiuli, Tirana Art Lab- Center for Contemporary; Salvatore Arancio, SOMA, Città del Messico; Alessandra Messali, ACT, MIT program in art, culture and technology, Cambridge.

V edition (2014): Margherita Moscardini, National Art Studio, MMCA, Seoul.

VI edition (2014): Giacomo Raffaelli, Atelier Hotel Pro Forma, Conpenhagen; Anna Franceschini, Istituti Inclusartiz, Rio de Janeiro; Francesco Bertelé, Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Islanda.

VII edition (2016): Jacopo Miliani, David Roberts Art Foundation, Londra; The Cool Couple, Nirox Foundation Trust, Sud Africa; Elena Mazzi, HIAP, Helsinki.

VIII edition (2016): Paola Anziché, Kiosko, Santa Cruz; Luca Coclite, Experimental Intermedia, New York; Federico Del Vecchio, Banff Centre, Canada.

IX edition (2017): Ettore Favini, Atla(s)now, Marrakech; Ludovica Carbotta, Jan Van Eyck Academy Program, Maastricht; Rachele Maistrello, I: project space, Beijing.

X edition (2017): Elisa Caldana, Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo; Franco Ariaudo, BIRUCHIY Contemporary Art Project, Kyiv, Ucraina; Fabrizio Bellomo, KCB-The Cultural Center of Belgrade.

XI edition (2018): Juan Sandoval, Four Corners, Londra; Alessandro Quaranta, CAIRN Centre d’Art, Digne-les-Bains.

XII edition (2018): Elena Bellantoni, Beo_Project, Belgrado; Mirko Canesi, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow; Alessandro Laita e Chiaralice Rizzi, Art House, Scutari.

XIII edition (2019): Francesco Bertocco, MAC – Museo Arte Contemporanea di Santiago del Cile, Santiago del Cile; Simona Da Pozzo, Residency … at the Waterfront, Rotterdam; Giuseppe De Mattia, MUPA – Museu Paranaense, São Francisco, Curitiba-PR; Marco Ferrari e Cristina Gallizioli, Oficinas do Convento, Montemor-o- Novo.