Art and rights: right to wellbeing and healthcare

Webinar, March 3rd 2021, 6.30 p.m.

The transmission of gesture

This meeting is part of the series of talks of nctm e l’arte dedicated to the topic of healthcare and the right to wellbeing.

We will see internationally renowned dancer and choreographer Virgilio Sieni in conversation with curator and contemporary art theorist Pietro Gaglianò

Virgilio Sieni sees dance as a practice capable of welcoming diversity and “the archaeological complexity of the gesture”, a gesture that incessantly develops in relation to a physical and social context.

The concept of care, transversal to his practice, translates into attention, neighborhood practice, emotional geography, permeating both the audience of spectators and participants, who become protagonists and whose bodies are aesthetically awakened and enhanced in their plasticity.

Pietro Gaglianò is a critic, curator and theorist of contemporary art. His main areas of interest are the relationships between visual art practices and the theoretical systems of performing art and research theatre, the urban, architectural and social context as a scene of contemporary artistic practices.

Gaglianò encountered Virgilio Sieni’s research on several occasions, writing texts (among others, Nel bosco, Maschietto Editore, 2008), curating exhibitions (from the solo exhibitions of Loredana Longo and Maura Banfo for Oltrarno Atelier, Florence, 2007 to the exhibitions for Palazzina dell’Indiano with the works of Renata Boero, Laura Pugno, Luca Lupi, Michele Guido, in 2018 and 2019) and participating in the Academy of the Art of the Gesture as a professor.

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