Adrian Paci

Adrian Paci was born in Albania in 1969. The son of a painter, he studied painting at the Art Academy in Tirana and then started teaching at the University in his hometown, Scutari.

In 1997, when the state of emergency was declared in his native country, Paci moved to Milan with his family, thanks to a scholarship.

In Milan, Paci began experimenting different techniques. Video and photography then became his primary focus, while also working with installations and performances and using classical techniques such as painting, sculpture and engraving.

What is peculiar to Paci’s work is its narrative impulse and strong sense of humanity, its deep dimension coupled with critical distance.

In the artist’s view, travelling, moving around, the strong ties to homeland and the sense of displacement that leads to imagining new ways of life are not only new forms of relationship with the context, but also new languages of art through which to express oneself; they are not only key topics of our time, but first and foremost something experienced personally. It is thus the reality of the artist’s personal experience and the filter of emotions that make his glance ani- mate and his works profound. So in Paci’s artworks what is personal and what is collective, social reality and personal dimension are melting together.

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  • 11 March 2020
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