Emma Ciceri

Emma Ciceri is attracted by the energy potential shown by crowds.

Her works stem from big collective scenes: student demonstrations, rock concerts, train transfers, people leaving a stadium, a party inside a prison.

But in her work the impersonal aspect of these situations, collective behaviours with their captivating strength and repetitiveness are not overwhelming; instead they live side by side with the singularity of individuals.

Emma Ciceri is exactly interested in the relationship between the one and the whole, between subjectivity and the multitude, between self-affirmation and the sense of belonging to a group.

Her crowds are made up of individuals. Within big collective scenes, Ciceri isolates and examines a series of sociocultural practices and rituals where personality, peculiarity, desires are that which emerge. Ciceri’s work may represent a response to the rhetoric of multitude anonymity both in the soberness of language and in the content it conveys.

In her work the wide format and the immersive character of the video and video installations alternate with the tiny size, the intentionally bare character of the works on paper.

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  • 11 March 2020
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