Claudia Losi and Salvatore Arancio

Salvatore Arancio works recovering and re-framing images coming from the past: illustrations inspired by myths and legends, as well as by scientific books, mostly taken from nineteenth-century tomes on landscape, geology, volcanology. His work focuses on natural landscape, on a world deprived of any human or animal life form, made of ground and rocks, and yet organic and vital.

His interventions on images go from simple decontextualisation to manipulation, or to re-invention carried out with different techniques: photo-etching, along with collage, drawing, etching, sculpture, video. The artist often complements composite installations with works realised with different techniques. Thus, forcing a vision of nature that has settled through images from the past, Arancio creates unclassified, mysterious and timeless scenes; scenes that escape from usual interpretation processes but capable of conveying attraction, desires and fear altogether: man has always embodied his own dreams and nightmares in the representation of nature.

Claudia Losi’s artistic quest is dedicated to the relationship between the human being and the nature and to travelling and exploration as knowledge experiences.

The artist’s interests encompass different disciplines, from natural science, such as ethnology, geology, to geography, cartography, literature, poetry.

Her recurrent use of embroidery and sewing has to be regarded as an attempt to transpose the slow times of nature and of relational processes, and as metaphors for the tangle of relationships, stories and different cultural sensibility and specificity; but also for the “repair” of what history has broken. Hence her work blends ecological concerns and social considerations and the nature, source and food for thoughts, becomes a boost to start an awareness process with respect to our relationship with natural and social environment and with the rules underlying the same.


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  • 11 March 2020
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