Carlos Garaicoa

Between design and outcome, between man’s aspirations and the way things are, lies the work of Carlos Garaicoa, an artist well known for his in-depth research into urban spaces and architectural forms. Moving from reality to imagination and focusing on the conflict between theory and concrete results, Garaicoa regards cities as ever-changing organisms full of significance and unexplored potential: he captures their layers and energies beneath the surface and turns them into models, sculptures, drawings, photographs and projections. In Garaicoa’s artistic language, architectural structures are, at the same time, expression of power and politics and projection of desire, evidence of human fallibility as well as of the transforming power of imagination and utopia.

Mostly inspired by his birth city of Havana, Garaicoa creates a work that is sensitive, visionary, critical and lyrical at once. Moving away from empty rhetoric and trascending contingency, the artist’s work reveals the infinite narrative and design potential offered by our reality.

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  • 11 March 2020
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