Effe Minelli

Effe Minelli (1986) explores different media, primarily performance and sculpture.

Her works originate within the international art scene and intersect with current thinking on queer issues.

In Wet Flowers, the practice of reviving Bourbon techniques for porcelain is combined with the artist’s research into the fragility of identities and of the visual references that nourish them. Sculptures are made by combining the traditional bisque technique with the use of organic materials such as tow, hemp, fragments of shells and seashells. In these works, the recovery of Baroque forms, whose metamorphic element is exasperated, blends with an existential intent that is expressed, among other things, in the sculptures extreme fragility and in the fact that their back side is also shown, as if to highlight the gap between the obvious, the concealed, the removed.

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  • 30 August 2022