Raffaella Crispino

Raffaella Crispino (1979) lives and works in Brussels.

Crispino’s Il Mutuo Appoggio is a wide-ranging project with a socio-anthropological approach. In the video and related photographs, the artist is shown following a group of female students visiting the greenhouse of the botanical garden in Meise, Belgium. Here the young women share reflections, stimulated by reading texts by philosopher Silvia Federici, a pivotal figure in feminist debate. With her work, Crispino, who has always drawn inspiration from the places and people encountered in her travels, combines the idea of a world in motion with the topicality of gender issues and the urgency for reinterpretation of European colonial past, represented, among other things, by the presence of exotic plants in the botanical garden.

Visit Project
  • 30 August 2022