Eva Koťátková

Eva Koťátková‘s work, which seems to emerge from a tormented unconscious, explores the forms of power and control exercised by the social infrastructure and institutions over anyone who, for whatever reason, deviates from the norm, or what is perceived as such.

The installation Documents of Violent Actions that (maybe) Happened Last Week testifies to the alienating, yet playful and serious tone the artist employs in his practice. Indeed, mutilated human figures, stumped anthropomorphic parts, hybridized with animal or inanimate elements, seem to refer to the constraints and manipulations of which only human beings have proved capable. Thus, of deep-rooted and systematic actions that are part of both private daily life and collective life and can turn out to be violent to the point of horror, the artist offers, through his work, a surrealist version that seems to emerge from psychological depths.
In her work, men are puppets and their altered and tampered bodies blend with organic-looking mechanical elements.

Eva Koťátková lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.
Her work is internationally recognized and her participation in prestigious exhibitions is numerous.
In 2018 Hangar Bicocca dedicated her solo exhibition The Dream Machine is Asleep; at the 2024 Venice Biennale Koťátková is representing the Czech Republic.

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  • 24 April 2024