Art Week, Essenziale: the new works added to the collection of nctm e l’arte

On the occasion of the Milan Art Week, nctm e l’arte presents, at the office of ADVANT Nctm, the works that have joined its collection thanks to the commitment put forth in recent years

In a historical moment of strong criticality, which affected also the world of culture and art, nctm e l’arte in the years 2020-2021 indeed chose to address Italian or Italy-based visual artists focused on issues that have proved crucial in light of the events that the world was going through.
Born from the conviction that, precisely in the most sensitive moments, art is a fundamental resource for its capacity to interpret, process and shape the present, the invitation has taken several forms, the first of which was the call Essenziale, and allowed the works of sixteen artists to enter the firm’s collection.

The authors of the works recently added to the collection are: Camilla Alberti, Atelier dell’Errore, Fabrizio Bellomo, Francesco Bertocco, Rossella Biscotti, Raffaella Crispino, Binta Diaw, Linda Fregni Nagler, Riccardo Giacconi, Rachele Maistrello, Francesca Marconi, Elena Mazzi, Effe Minelli, Margherita Moscardini, Raziel Perin and Marco Maria Zanin.

The works, created with different languages and media, have been chosen for the relevance of the underlying research, the significance of the reference themes and the ability to place themselves in a specific time.

Some works already part of nctm e l’arte collection. Among their authors: Mirosław Bałka, Francesco Bertelè, Paola Di Bello, Pieter Hugo, Adelita Husni Bey, Maria Mulas, Zineb Sedira, Marinella Senatore and Kiki Smith.

With their stimuli, all such works have become part of professional environments, integrating in everyday spaces, starting from the idea that there is a relationship between innovative capacities and cultural participation.