Marco Maria Zanin

Marco Maria Zanin (1983), artist and researcher, lives and works between Padua and São Paulo.

Myth and archetype as submerged matrices of modern behaviour are the focus of his investigation, based on the observation of the relationship among man, territory and time.

In Family portrait, Zanin reflects on the possibility of identifying new kinships between different cultures and geographies. Indeed, the set of objects shown in the photograph represents a meeting of genres, subjects, eras and styles that are very distant from each other. The idea of merging them into one family by weaving visual and meaningful relationships is based on a common relationship with the land.

All of Marco Maria Zanin’s work is nurtured through the practice of travelling: by traveling to other places of the world, the artist enacts the practice of “dislocation”, thus achieving that critical distance that allows him to analyse social contexts.

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  • 30 August 2022